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Simple soap for a busy world


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Hand Crafted

Lune & Evergreen believe in keeping things natural, and simple. Handcrafted artisan soap lets you know this is personal. We leave the chemicals to the big guys, and the only thing you will find mass produced here is time and care into each individual soap.

We care about our environment. Our soaps are wrapped in 100% biodegradable food-safe film, Biolefin™ biodegadeble polyolefin. Click here to find out more.





Hard soap doesn’t have to be hard

Our soap is made from Natural materials. Ingredients such as pure olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, babassu oil and coconut milk. Essential and fragrant oils like peppermint, patchouli, tea tree, island grape fruit, oatmeal, and honey. Natural colorants, such as clay and activated charcoal, along with botanicals from peppermint, poppy seeds and many more.



A family scrub

Deborah was born and raised in Portland Oregon. She went to the University of Portland for Political Science. After college she lived in Canada where she raised two beautiful daughters. In the early 2000’s, She dabbled in cold process soap making for the family. In 2012 Deborah moved back to the United States to be closer to family and start a new chapter. In 2015 she married her high school sweetheart Aaron, who has a business degree and helps with the not so fun part. Together they have a blended family of five children who love smelling and trying the new soaps.