Why use a soap dish?

Soap Dishes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials, the choices are limitless. But why use a soap dish? Soap dish by design, are to hold soap, but they also help the soap to dry and not turn soft and mushy. Soap dissolves in water, or why else would we use it in the bath and shower? This is even more true with handmade cold process soap, true soap.

Primarily, commercial soap has had the glycerin removed, they are compressed and may have had hardeners added, whereas cold process soap contains glycerin, as a natural byproduct of saponification. Both commercial soap (not soap), and cold process soap will become soft and mushy in standing water, however, cold process soap naturally is softer and can become mushy much faster in standing water. Personally, I do not prefer the mushy soap, and the worst thing about using bar soap is storing it. Where do you store it? Is is sitting in the corner of the tub? Maybe on the ledge in the shower or in a soap dish that doesn’t drain?

Regardless of where you store your soap, it is a good idea to store it where the soap can dry in between uses, and even better if it can be stored standing upright instead of laying down. This will allow more air circulation to come in contact with the large surface area of the soap.

At Lune & Evergreen we have your soap dishing needs covered. We use a variety of wood types slatted and sealed with food grade mineral oil, hand made rock soap dishes and a more traditional silicone self draining soap dish.

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